StockEdge Review: Become your own analyst

StockEdge is India's best and fastest-growing share market app, which provides Data & Analysis on NSE & BSE market data along with Mutual Funds Research & Analytics. Through the application, traders and investors can analyze the stock market in-depth and take better decisions by utilizing end-of-day analytical reports, customized visualizations, and analyzing market data in the best possible way.

StockEdge Premium Review

Developed exclusively for investors & short-term traders, StockEdge is the top-rated unbiased stock market app in India.

With StockEdge, users can do stock research in India based on Fundamental, Technical, and Derivatives Research, all in one place. It provides all tools users need to research in an efficient manner using the app/web interface.

StockEdge is India’s best and fastest-growing share market app, which provides Data & Analysis on NSE & BSE market data along with Mutual Funds Research & Analytics. Through the application, traders and investors can analyze the stock market in-depth and take better decisions by utilizing end-of-day analytical reports, customized visualizations, and analyzing market data in the best possible way.

In India, StockEdge is a part of the vision to create wealth by educating retail investors on equity market opportunities. The end of the day analytics at the end of the day is what the traders/investors need to look at for sustainable price movement in stocks and investment updates as we do not promote intraday trades. Get control of your stock market investments with this must-have app for managing your money more effectively.


StockEdge Premium features

Key highlights that make StockEdge one of the Best Analytics App:

1. Stock Market Updates

Follow the stock market with filtered daily news, Nifty news, NSE and BSE corporate announcements, upcoming events, indices, daily bulk, block and insider deals, and company results. Cash and derivatives statistics for FII, FPI, and DII.

StockEdge in Action

2. Top Stock Research

Through detailed Stock market data such as price graphs (intraday with 5/15 min delay), edge charts with delivery percent of volume graphically, technical performance, levels, and indicators, users can conduct 360-degree research on stocks. A financial overview, detailed results for the last nine quarters, Ratio Analysis, Balance Sheet, Profit, and Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Shareholding Pattern, Mutual Fund Holdings, Con-calls, Investor presentations. IPO tracking system. Find out which companies are planning to go public.

3. Technical Scans

Technical analysis is an art or science of planting the stock information using various Stock market indicators like Price Scans, Relative performance compared to Benchmark and Sectoral Index, High Volume Stocks, High Delivery Stocks, Technical based Daily Scans, RSI, Moving average, CCI, MFI, ROC, ADX, ATR, etc, Candlestick pattern scans, Derivatives scans, Open Interest, Aggressive Longs & Shorts, Options Strike Scans, etc.

4. Fundamental Scans

In order to identify long-term investing opportunities, the fundamental analysis evaluates a company’s intrinsic value. Identify companies according to their profitability, turnover, solvency, cash flow, valuation, dividend, efficiency, and shareholding.

Scans Available in StockEdge

Watch the following video to know more about how to track stocks using StockEdge Scans.

5. Sector Research

Stocks study based on respective company, sector, and industry ratios including MCAP, PE, P/BV, D/E, ROE, and ROCE.

6. Theme-Based Investing Ideas

See how rising crude prices, falling rupee, electric vehicles, solar energy, among others, can generate investment returns.

StockEdge Investement Ideas
StockEdge Investment Ideas

7. Strategies

Created by combining scans, a selection of readymade trading strategies is available for intraday trading and swing trading.

8. Investor Portfolios

Over 300 famous individual and institutional investors’ portfolios and deals are available to study.

9. Mutual Fund Analytics

This is the best app for studying mutual fund performance, ratios, portfolio holdings, and fund manager details. Comparison of Schemes by AMC and Class. Perform an AUM analysis.

10. Mutual Fund Investment themes

Choose the mutual fund that is most suitable for you based on Beta, Tax Savings, Short Term Parking, and many more factors.

StockEdge Mutual Fund Investment Themes
StockEdge Mutual Fund Investment Themes Snapshot

11. My Section

Create custom equity and mutual fund watchlists, combination scans, and investor groups. Make custom notes for specific stocks, mutual funds, and fund schemes. This makes it easy to keep track of investments and get stock updates.

12. Learn

Start learning technical terms and blogs with Learning Videos, Page Info’s, and Instant Learning.


StockEdge Premium Plans and Charges

StockEdge Offers three Premium plans Monthly, Quarterly, and yearly. The StockEdge team offers heavy discounts on quarterly and yearly plans.

StockEdge Monthly plan is available at as low as Rs. 399.

The quarterly plan is available at Rs. 1197 and the yearly plan is available for Rs. 4788. You can use the following offers to avail discounts of 16% on the quarterly plan and 37% on the yearly plan.

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Rs. 999 Rs. 1197
Prices inclusive of GST


Rs. 2999 Rs. 4788
Prices inclusive of GST

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How to Use StockEdge Effectively

In this video, “How to make money from the StockEdge app?” StockEdge Co-Founder Mr. Vivek Bajaj will teach you to identify stocks for your profit-making opportunities via StockEdge App.

To learn how to trade and invest successfully, you must use simple, rule-based, and price action-oriented approaches. The video below demonstrates these approaches.

You can make money without depending on others if you follow a few proven steps
Become your own analyst by learning how to best use StockEdge tools.


What is new in the latest StockEdge Version

What's new in Version 7.4
1. Beta Indicator & Scans
2. Put Call Ratio (PCR) Scans
3. Annual Reports in Stocks under Documents
4. Big Bulls tab in Stocks
5. Download 7 Day historical data in My Combination Scans
6. Stock price page made more informative
7. 10 year time frame added in Performance section
8. Performance Enhancement & Bug Fixes

What's new in Version 7.0
1. Download to CSV in Scans, Strategies & My Combination Scans.
2. Historical data in Scans & Strategies.
3. 4 New RS Scans.
4. NSE 200 & NSE 500 filter.
5. DII Breakup in Shareholding.
6. 4 New Weekly & Monthly Price Scans.
7. 12 New Shareholding Scans.
8. Bug fixes and enhancements.
9.7Expert Score
Best EOD Stock Analysis Software

If you ask us we found that the Stock Edge is an excellent EOD Stock Analysis Software for both Investors and Traders. It is available as Mobile App as well as Web version with a nicely organized UI. It not only focuses on Stock Analysis but you can perform 360 degrees Mutual Fund Analysis. The feature that we like the most is a combination scan using which you can scan stocks for a custom combination of multiple indicators (including delivery and Open Interest scans) on the selected horizon of stocks or sectors to find a great Trading Opportunity. If we talk about the support it is top-notch. If we have to talk about the learning then one can also refer to the repository of exceptionally good videos created by the co-founder of Stock Edge Mr. Vivek Bajaj on how to use the Stock Edge tool along with other technical analysis aspects and be successful in the Stock Market.

Analytical Capabilities
Ease of Use
  • Cost-Effective
  • Combination Scans to Create Custom Strategies
  • 300+ Technical and Fundamental Scans
  • Ready-made Strategies
  • Edge Report for Concall Analysis, Case Studies, IPO Notes
  • FII/DII Data Analysis
  • Derivatives Data Analysis
  • Customization Options with "My StockEdge" feature
  • Interactive Charts with unique Indicators like Delivery Data
  • Interactive Charts can be more User Friendly

It’s important to note that any trading strategy or investment advice, product or service reviews offered by should not be taken as a substitute for professional financial advice. The stock market is a highly risky and volatile environment, and past performance does not guarantee future results. It’s essential to conduct your own research and make your own investment decisions based on your own financial situation and risk tolerance. Never invest more than you can afford to lose and always seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.